Who We Are


We are not a group of experienced tipster or brilliant mathematics.

After 12 years of observation, analyzes & many tests I`ve created this betting decision tool which can improve your betting attempts in the field of the soccer predictions. For me personally the pleasure of soccer`s analyzes is equal to the pleasure in my work like physician. To make correct diagnosis and to make correct soccer`s prediction for me is equally pleasure and challenge.

Don`t think that if use any soccer prediction software you became a very reach man at once. Like I say the most powerfully prediction tool is your own mind, and in this meaning SoccerBettingExpert can be of help to you because analyze the most usefully stats info and make some suggestions for yours betting decisions. And of this meaning the succefully of this tool depend of your kind of thinking!

SoccerBettingExpert can find some paradoxes in the soccer game which others software can`t find!

And of course the price of £ 7.77 is very simple for my huge work. You can be in position to return this money after first betting’s.

Carriers in the field of the soccer`s betting

Please think twice before make any betting independently of the betting`s amount!

Is wise idea first to know well the SoccerBettingExpert and several weeks to watch and make conclusions about this kind of analyze. Create your own leagues with LeaguePad and make retrograde analyze – the summarized observations can be of great help to you in your future soccer predictions. Be free to analyze as first division leagues and small this one – of course the lowest leagues are something very difficult for analyze that is way please use double chance predictions more often. If you are not sure about some prediction can miss the game and to watch this one carefully – so summarized observations will give to you priceless info about information which give to you SoccerBettingexpert.

Is wise idea first to try to catch sure Home`s or Away`s wins as well as the classical Draws and in this attempts the predictions from the LeaguePad can guide you very well. Just answer to the one question: can be prediction generated from LeaguePad a real or not? And the second question is: why? This is as easy as and very difficult exercise!

After when you are sure in yourself can allow yourself to make real bettings!!!


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