Q?What is in the fact SoccerBettingExpert?

SoccerBettingExpert is a package tools which contain 3 usefully for any bettor programs:

(1) LeaguePad a discontinued excellent program for soccer analyses and some predictions:



(2) Betiac a also discontinued program about  tracking of yours betting:



And (3) SoccerBettingExpert a excel worksheet which generate arguments about yours betting decisions:


Q?What is the accuracy of the generated tips?

Like point in other place everything depend of yours kind of thinking! If you make retrograde analyses can see that only below 5-7% of the matches show totally mixed results and about 40% of the matches can be predicted with 1x & x2 proposals (mainly in the lower leagues).  

Q?Can become a very rich man by using this tool?

I don`t think so. For me on the first time is the pleasure from correct predications not potential income, on other hand all we bet for some winnings…. To make some limitations I develop a BetSizer which will guard you in all aspect of the betting – use this tool rationally. The SoccerBettingExpert is developed for bettors who make pleasure from the correct predictions.