Welcome to SoccerBettingExpert

Welcome to SoccerBettingExpert

Welcome to SoccerBettingExpert
SoccerBettingExpert is a new software football`s predictions that contains intelligent and Flexible mathematical algorithm allowing the bettor to make statistically justified forecasts.

SoccerBettingExpert is a product for commercial use and therefore the product has the appropriate copyright.

WE DO NOT liable for any success or failure of YOUR DECISIONS DURING THE BETS!

SoccerBettingExpert algorithm is based on the interaction between power attack and weak defense of both teams. Probability of equality is based on the balance between these two forces t.e.ako both teams are equally weak or both teams are equally strong the probability of a draw is great.
SoccerBettingExpert is incorporated for greater convenience for the user spreadsheet, which introduce simple inputs, namely:

  • Average number of goals scored, as well as general potency team and as a personality of their own or away from home – these goals reflect the strength of the attack team
  • Average amount received goals kakkto as general weakness, as well as an individual value or pre hosting visits of respective team – those received goals reflect the weakness of the defense team

It is strongly recommended not to be so called. “Mechanical betors” and think before you bet and to combine your knowledge with data from software to achieve better results for betting purposes.

As you can see the spreadsheet contains four components:

  • General Statistics panel (above center)
  • Panel general prediktsii and containing data on confidence forecast called. “Confidence%”
  • Control Panel (Panel under general prediktsii)
  • And at the bottom is the BetSizer whose use allows optimization of the stakes because one of the main reasons of the failures than the failure of a proper assessment of what is incorrectly defined the stakes
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