Classical Draw 1

The result is 0:0

This is the difficulties predictions!!!

Generally I must to say that we can expert draw when there is the one or more than one scenarios:

  • Both teams have similar power for wining
  • Both teams have similar ability for losing
  • Both teams have a strongest tendency for the Draw

In the above example from the general stats panel we can see on the first look that the Away is the weakest team + lack of defense power in the Home team , but from the general prediction panel we see that the Away team have a very good power for winnings but also and tendency to loose and the question is: “which tendency will dominate?”. The answer is that will dominate the tendency for wining because the win power of the Away there is a great Confidence % compare to the defense weakness!

On other hand in the Home`s team there is also two tendency: to win and to make Draw with similar Confidence %, and the other question is: which tendency will dominate or to use 1X prediction? The very weak defense power of the Home team (dark indicators in the GF & GA section of the general stats panel) must to point us that the victory of the Home team is not likely.

And the mental conclusion is that the final results will be Draw, because the Away team will not loose and Home team will not win!!!

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