Extremely difficult to predict Home`s win 1

The final result is 3:1

What we can see from the general stats panel: a Away team with relative tendency for win and Home team with tendency for decline; no draw tendency, BUT the Home team have tendency to improve their ability to lose (in this section green arrow point this tendency for the difference from the above 2 sections) but the stronger team have relative strong tendency for loosing. This must be the first which you note! The second which must note is that the general predications panel show strong tendency for Home`s Draw & loses like tendency for Draw have a great Confidence%. On other hand Away team (in this panel) show lack of the win & draw power + weak defense (the dark indicators).

And the first question must to be: can the Away team to win? The answer is NOT because: (1) in GF & GA section of the general stats panel all indicators show lack of attack power and weak defense power & (2) form the general predications panel & control panel we can see the same.

The second question is: can the match be Draw? The answer is against is “may be NO” because the pointed in the beginning strong tendency for low loses + low tendency for Draw make the decision for the Draw exit not likely.

The remain variant is only Home`s win!

In the fact in most similar situations to use 1X is very wise.

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